I needed a wide angle webcam to use for business videoconferencing and skype calls. What I found online was either Do-It-Yourself instructions using cardboard, tape, and glue, or outdated reviews on discontinued models that aren't even for sale!

Since I couldn't find a good wide-angle webcam, I decided to design my own solution.

Let me save you the time and frustration I had in searching for the best solution!

Below I've included a table of my research results, with my recommendations for the best wide angle webcams from manufacturers, as well as my own solution

My solution: A True Wide Angle Webcam!

see everyone and everything on your Skype™ calls!


  • See every person in the room
  • Up and running in minutes on any computer
  • Wide-angle to normal and back again in one second
  • Unobtrusive clean design

Example pictures

Wide-Angle lens

Normal webcam


  • True wide-angle performance, 96° field of view with the lens attached, 40° without
  • High quality Logitech® C260 webcam
  • Built in microphone
  • Mac & PC compatible
  • Magnetic lens attachment has self-centering, instant attachment and removal
  • Works with Skype™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM®), etc.

How it works

  • I supply the Wide-Angle lens and a small self-adhesive mounting ring
  • You provide the Logitech C260, an affordable, high-performing USB webcam with built-in microphone
  1. Peel away the backing and press the mounting ring against the lens recess on the Logitech C260. The special adhesive permanently holds the attractive mounting ring to the webcam
  2. Hold the Wide-Angle lens' magnetic base to the mounting ring, it attaches itself instantly!
  3. Connect the USB webcam to your computer following the simple instructions from Logitech

Your webcam is ready to use!

There is no easier or better solution!

Want this wide-angle webcam? Skip ahead!

Compare my solution to other "wide angle" webcams

These are the widest of wide-angle webcams on the market. None of the webcams I found even come close to my solution in the "Angle of View" measurement.

All of these webcams work on Mac computers, but the ones marked YES are made specifically for Macs.

Recommended Model Amazon Price Angle of View (Diagonal) Mac OS X Compatible
 Logitech B910Click to check78°UVC
 Logitech B500Click to check72°UVC
 Logitech B905Click to check75°UVC
#3Logitech Webcam Pro 9000Click to check75°UVC
#4Microsoft LifeCam StudioClick to check75°UVC
#5Microsoft LifeCam CinemaClick to check73°UVC
 Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000Click to check66°UVC
 Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000Click to check68.5°UVC
 Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000Click to check55°UVC
 Microsoft LifeCam VX-2000Click to check55°UVC
 Microsoft LifeCam VX-800Click to check59°UVC
 HP Webcam HD-3110Click to check?UVC
#2Logitech C910Click to check78°YES
#1Logitech C260 with Wide-Angle LensClick to check96° with lens 40° withoutUVC
 Logitech C615Click to check?YES


The top Google results for wide angle webcam were a bit disappointing. The "Trust Wide-angle webcam" which shows up a lot is not even available. Most manufacturers don't even list the Angle of View for their webcams, nor do they have actual image examples taken with their webcams on their product pages. I dug through manuals, PDFs, and obscure corners of the manufacturer's websites, even measuring webcams with lasers to get these specs.

Since most webcams are made with a narrow angle of view, there is not currently an off-the-shelf wide-angle webcam that meets expectations. This is why I think my solution is going to help you out.

To put things into perspective, a right-angle is 90°. If you were to put the Logitech C260 with my wide-angle lens attached in the very corner of a room, you would actually see both walls in the image! This extra-wide angle is really going to help when you have a group of people who all need to be shown in your next video conference. With the lens removed, your image will be more narrow, but without any wide-angle distortion. It's the best of both!

I want one!

Ok, ok! This is a new product that is in pre-production status. I want to make them, but first I need to know that you want them!

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